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Database Error

An internal data storage error has occurred accessing:


Cause unknown (no exception details available)

Notes on this Page

Notice that there is very little information here (above the line). Firstly, end-users should not be shown internal exception details, but secondly, no exception details are available anyway.

Compare this to the code in ExceptionHandlingController.handleError() or GlobalControllerExceptionHandler.handleError() which explicitly create a Model and put extra details into it (these are the methods used when a SupportInfoException is thrown).

Alternatively you could extend ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver and override

doResolveHandlerMethodException(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp,
    HandlerMethod handlerMethod, Exception exception)

to add exception and other attributes to the model. Also set the inherited order data-member to a value less than MAX_INT so it runs before the default ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver instance (it is easier to create your own handler than try to modify the one created by Spring).